Storyline 360 Illustrated Characters

Sep 12, 2019


I was wondering is there any chance going forward that the new Storyline 360 Illustrated Characters will be offered for purchase and download as a separate package or if you can create an option to subscribe to use the Illustrated Characters only?

I have Storyline 3 and in a tough economy in Western Canada, my employer isn't willing to pay the additional money for a 360 subscription for something that I already have.

Thank you.




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Gerry Wasiluk
Frank Natt

Hi Gerry,

Do they offer the 360 Illustrated characters though?

Thank you.

You have to download and insert like a picture.  A couple of extra steps.  But the backgrounds are transparent like SL360's.

Truth be told, I usually use characters from these two sources more than I do the ones in SL360.

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