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Tracy Carroll

Hi Amy,

It's a bit confusing because the EXPRESSION tab is inactive with the photographic characters!

However, you can change the expression of the photographic characters by choosing POSE, then selecting the EMOTION category and the STYLE. As you check out options, the close-up of the character  on the right will change so you can see the different expressions. See attached image.

Amy Jacobs

Thanks Carol,

When I select the specific pose, I don't have an option to choose emotion or style. Is that in a new version of the character bundle?


Amy Jacobs
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Tracy Carroll

No, it doesn't have to do with the character bundle--it's the version of Storyline that you are using. The example I showed was in Storyline 360.

Attached is are examples from Storyline 2. When you choose the POSE of the character, you will see the close-up of the different expressions on her face on the right.

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