Instruction layer returns on Review Quiz Results

Jan 16, 2014

I've created a simple matching drop-down as a section review. I included an "instruction" that shows when the timeline starts that explains how the review works with an avatar, instructions and a close button. When the user clicks the close button, all items in the layer are hidden, so the user can answer the question.

I've included a results slide for the user as a way to close out the section and allow the user to go back and see what the correct answer should be. When you click the Review Quiz button, the instructions layer is visible minus the close button so there's no way to close the layer. 

I realize I probably need to change the interactions, but I'm at a total loss of how to do this. Ideally, I want the instructions layer to just stay hidden on the Review Quiz, but I don't know how or where to make that happen. Any ideas?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Wendy and welcome to Heroes!

What I would do is set an additional element to your "instruction layer" that checks to see if a variable such as "ReviewMode" is True before showing the layer. You'd then want to set a trigger on the "review" button so that when the user clicks it changes a T/F variable named "ReviewMode" to True when the user clicks. You'll want to make sure this is before the trigger to jump to next slide. 

Let us know if you need anything else. 

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