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Jul 14, 2014

Another question....

So I'm working on a course where the learning will have to click and drag electrical leads to check voltage. I want to make it so that they have to check the voltage for all combinations of wires (7) before they can move on. But my first attempt at locking the interaction doesn't work if they don't check the combinations in order.

Currently I have a variable that has 1 added to it every time the learner drops a lead on the wire. Then:

But if the learner doesn't check the wires only once per combination, the layer pops up and they can continue without checking them all. Is there a way to lock down this interaction so that a learner would really have to check every combination before continuing?

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Julia Koller

Hi Kelly, it's a little difficult to get a good picture of what is happening with just the one screenshot. But, it sounds like an interesting idea. I wonder if you could use Boolean variables instead of a counter. So, when all the leads of have been tested, you are looking for "true" variables instead of a numeral 7. One "false" would keep the Continue layer from showing. I might be able to offer some better ideas if you are able to share the slide.

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