Interactions within Scrolling Panels

Nov 10, 2023

Has anyone every tried to put interactions into a scrolling panel? I have tried and I'm failing. Since I have a long item and buttons on top of it and then have to group everything in it, as soon as I group it, the interactions do not work correctly anymore. I click one button and then all of the other buttons go to "visited" that are grouped within. And that's even before I place it into the scrolling panel. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Tracey Stokely

For example, I have several questions in the long item that all have yes and no buttons of sorts. I have triggers set that if I click Yes 1, it sets No 1 to "normal" for example. Each button has a different name in the panel and it all works correctly until it's grouped. The grouping seems to be what's "breaking" it. But, to put it all in a scrolling panel, it all must be grouped.

Tracey Stokely

For scrolling panels, if they are not grouped, the buttons, etc. on top of the other parts don't scroll. So, that doesn't work.

However, I did solve this issue by not using buttons and not using hotspots. Instead, I used rectangles with unique states and removed all of the visited states. This fixed the problem. Yay! Now it all works and can be grouped. The problem with buttons and hotspots is it wouldn't allow me to group those, which is needed for scrolling panels. All is good now.

Walt Hamilton

Just to set the record straight about buttons, shapes, Icons, hotspots, and anything else scrolling inside scrolling panels.

If you have a scrolling panel, then you create an object where the panel is, the object sits above, but not in the panel, On the stage, both conditions appear identical. The only way you can tell if the objects are inside the panel, or merely hovering above it is to check the timeline. However, after the object is created,  if you move it even a tiny bit, it moves into the panel. Creating it doesn't do it, but even the slightest movement will place it in the panel, as long as the cursor is within the panel when you release it.

In the attached sample, you can see two scrolling panels. One of them I created, then created buttons, a shape, and an icon. All of them were created with the cursor within the boundaries of the panel. The other was created in an identical manner, but after creation, I selected the objects individually, and moved each slightly to place them inside the panel. I created two text boxes and placed both of them inside the panel, to create scrolling. When one panel scrolls, the objects "on top" of the text don't scroll. When the other one scrolls, the objects also scroll.

Note that since they aren't grouped, clicking one doesn't change the state of others.

You don't need groups to scroll objects in a scrolling panel, if they are actually in, and not merely above the panel.