Web objects in scroll scrolling panels

Jul 25, 2012

I just tried putting a webobject (linking to an intranet page) inside a scrolling panel, and then put some buttons related to the text at the bottom of the scrolling panel. The idea here being the person doing the training reads the intranet page and then makes a selection, which only show up when they scroll down to the end of the intranet page.

When I published the module the scrolling panel I made with the webobject and buttons inside seemed to be ignored. As in the webobject was there with a scrolling panel but the scrolling panel only related to the intranet page just like it normally does when yo insert a webobject that is too big for the slide. When you scrolled down it stopped at the bottom of the intranet page and didn't go down to the buttons.

Has anyone else attempted this? Better yet, has anyone else attempted this and got it to work?

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Adrian Dean

Hi James,

I've played with this before and if I remember correctly, any buttons would have to be a part of your web object in order for them to be accessible from the scrolling panel. I don't think you are able to insert more than one object in the scrolling panel and make that panel work for all of them.

You might be able to work a hotspot with a hover trigger or something to make the buttons appear from a layer with them arranged at the bottom of your scrolling panel.

I'll play with it and see what I can come up with and post it here as soon as possible.

Always Happy to Help,


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