Interactive, In-System Knowledge Check Development

Aug 27, 2020

What is the best way to develop and In-System Knowledge Check section for an E-Learning? 

I plan on using screen shots, and hot spots, however does SL 360 have the functionality to track and grade the clicks and the text input if I were to create a Knowledge Check using this idea of simulating In-System scenarios vs. multiple choice questions. 



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Thank you so much! I'll def take a look at that.


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You're right, Harry. The signature may attach when replying via e-mail, but not within the forums directly.

If you click 'View' on this notification vs. 'Reply' it will bring you directly to the conversation where you can edit your signature out above. Link here.

I also recorded a quick Peek 360 of what that would look like.


Awesome. Thanks for the quick replies guys! I thought it was going to be weeks or something. haha. Looking forward to try out that test mode. I work with Physicians, so I am trying to simulate the best possible scenarios for them to be In-System.

Does StoryLine have the capability to use text input in the Test Mode and capture their entries as results at the end of the knowledge check?

For example, in Adobe Captivate, I am able to set parameters, much like keywords for the enduser to type. If they type something totally wrong, I can set it to try again, and after the 2nd try, they will miss that scenario and points will be deducted. Is that something we can do in SL?

Lauren Connelly

Hello Harry!

Great question! Storyline does have the capability to use text input in Test Mode. When you choose Test Mode, Storyline will break your process down into a step-by-step graded exam, and each individual slide will automatically become a quiz slide. You can then customize this test for your learners by selecting the Test Mode Options hyperlink. From there, you can specify whether you want to show feedback, include a results slide, limit attempts, and show Try Again feedback.


I actually just tried to find the text input functionality while in Test Mode  and found the hyperlink, however, it doesn't give me the options to actually set the input of texts.

The text I would like to set is basically a list of approved answers that SL will recognize. For example If the answer for the medication Metformin. I would list out Metformin, Met, Glipizide, Glip as possible correct answers. Once the end user types the correct answer, a message would populate stating great job or try again. I don't see that option with SL like I have seen in Adobe Captivate. Does SL have something like this in place? 





Lauren Connelly

Hi Harry!

These answers are added in Form View. Make sure you're on the correct slide and select Form View, which is located above the Trigger Panel. Here's a quick look.

By default, a Submit Interaction trigger is added to the Trigger Panel. If you don't want users to press the Submit button after entering the answer, there is an option to choose a key like ENTER or a letter.

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