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Mar 10, 2016

Hello all,

I'm trying to create an interactive map. I have built out Illinois, Indiana and Ohio with three object states - normal, hover and selected. I also have begun to work with California and Nevada.

I find I have a couple of problems and hoped someone could suggest the best way to create the interactivity I'm trying to achieve.

  • I created a button set of all the object so only one will display at a time. When I did I lost the ability to click on the selected state and it return to the normal state so the only way to make the object return to the normal state is to select another object. How can I modify them so by clicking on the object a second time the state of the object returns to normal?
  • I began to work with Nevada and California and found that the overlap on the 2 objects completely mess up the way the object states should work. I see I could draw an odd shaped hot spot that could trigger the object but I wanted to know what would be the cleanest way to make this happen.

I've attached the file. Thank you.

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Alfred Marquez

Hi Nancy,

First off, I think the map looks great and like the idea of what your creating here.

I think your problem is the fact that each image on the slide is covering the ones next to it since they are stacked on the timeline.  So, when Ohio's state is selected (showing the large white box) you won't be able to click on Indiana because the Ohio layer is actually stacked over Indiana and covering our ability to click on it.  So stacking order matters on the timeline, as you can see in the image, Indiana is lying below Ohio.


I also tried to modify Ohio's selected state and added a shape to see if I could add a trigger to change the state back to normal when I clicked it.  Storyline did not let me add a trigger to a state.  See below...


So, I think you should use layers to display the white box and text instead of image states.  Your'e looking at creating 50 layers, plus a trigger for each image to display the corresponding layer when selected.  On the layer side, you'd set a trigger to hide the layer when the box is clicked and another one to reset the state image back to normal.  

Hopefully this makes sense and helps. 

I attached a story file.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Nancy -- Walt and Al are offering you some really great advice here, but in case you wanted to take a look at some additional options for interactive maps, please see the following as well:

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Hope that helps you or someone else in the future who comes across this post seeking assistance regarding Interactive Maps! :)

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