Interactive simulation

I'm trying to create an interactive simulation of signing into an online account; entering an email address and password. I've taken the screencast, but when I preview it in try mode, it won't allow you to type the text into the fields . Instead when you click into the fields, it automatically pre-fills them with the text you originally typed in when doing the screencast.

I also did another screencast where I inserted a shape and placed text inside the shape. Again when I previewed it in try mode, it wouldn't allow me to type the text into the shape.

Is there a way of doing this?

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Linda C

Hi Wendy

Sorry for the late reply; I've solved the problem by using data entry

I'm working on a black background and the text is red. I've formatted the
data entry box and changed the font colour to red, but it also changes the
colour of the cursor to red. Is there a way of changing the colour of the
cursor independently from the font. I need the cursor to be white and the
font to be red.

Kind regards


Crystal Holmes

I was testing it because I hadn't tried the interactive simulation functionality and want to begin using it. I have to go into my Task Manager and close the entire program every time I try to preview a scene because it locks up.  So, I've created another, shorter file. Please see if the preview will open for you. Is there possibly a "size" limit for the recording? (I can't get much shorter than this.)  Thanks!