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Aug 12, 2013

anyone have any clue how to set controls to jump to start of specific scenes in a video? Let's say I have a video which has 4 scenes and i need to access scene no 3 with the click of a button - how do I do that in STORYLINE?

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David Anderson

Hi Alphonso - 

We have a good thread on ways to create interactive video in Storyline:

Another user asked about video chapters and while that's not a default feature in Storyline, you can easily simulate it using Storyline's built-in video editor and slide layers. Here's a demo:

Note: this isn't the same thing as jumping to specific frames in the video... I'm faking it by creating the instances of the video. But it works just as well

Demo: view

Source: download

Alphonso Hendricks

David, I decided against adding more "shorter" video clips to my project. Instead, I inserted little markers as close as possible to video slide navigation bar because I realised that the video navigation bar [Seekbar in Player] does exactly what I require. It moves instantaneously to sector of video that I require.

Rick Pruitt


I took the liberty of seeing what was going on because I was planning something similar.

I made some changes to have the video start automatically and hide the controls. The hard part was that every time I exposed layer 2, when restarting the video started from the beginning and it was no longer in sync with the timeline.

Unhiding the video on the base layer and then covering it with a white rectangle fixed this. Now it pauses as it should.

You will see I shortend the button times and also set them to hidden on the base layer in each of the layers.

Rick Pruitt

You are welcome Lynda, but it helped me too with my project.

Perhaps the staff can see about pausing the timeline with the markers in a later release? As the media stops but the timeline keeps advancing, my next markers come and go while the video is still paused!

The workaround is to use a shape or button to open a callout on a new layer. Only when you open a new layer can you pause the main timeline. I also removed the dim other layers checkbox and checked the box to prevent clicking on the base layer.

Adding the video controls does the same thing, the clip pauses but the timeline advances.

I can't add the callouts to the video as it will make the translation process too difficult.

Alphonso Hendricks


sincere apologies for only responding at this late stage.

One of your original problems (referring to quote below) was fact the that your video was infront and thus always showed. Your graphics were in the behind position ans did show up but were covered up by infront video. Solution - right click on either graphic and select Bring to Front and then again Bring to Front option. Now video will show in background and graphics will appear in front as video rolls. 

"I tried adding the interactive video to my course, but the 2 graphics that I used to "click" on and stop the video don't show up once the video starts". 

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