Interactive Worksheet: from Storyline to PDF

Sep 13, 2021

Hi all! I shared this at the ATD conference in my session. It is an interactive worksheet for deliberate play (playing a game with a purpose to analyze and deconstruct). You may not play games but the solution has some interesting features such as creating a PDF on the fly based on the input you type in.


Try it:

The source is available if you're interested!

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Lia Lee

Ahhhhhhh mazing!!!! Bravo! How did you create the PDF? In Indesign? Also, how did you create the ability for the variables to specifically print to/fill in the PDF in the areas of the document? I would love to learn more or chat about that, I am building an analyst learning and I scrapped the knowledge check for a decision tree/situational analysis measurement. My dream was to be able to print the answers from each analyst for them to have a custom study guide of their own assessment strategy.