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Aug 21, 2014

Several years ago we came across this useful plugin for notifying users if they lost internet connection within the course

It only works in presenter (and not sure if it still works since it has been several years) and my team now uses Storyline. Does anyone have a solution for notifying a user when they lose internet connection within a course?

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Steve Flowers

Hi Michelle,

Here's a quick experiment to see if I could get this working in SL. It's really super-simple but the concept seems to work:

I've attached the story. The Web Object contains the javascript library ( that drives this. A JavaScript trigger is run when the story loads that writes the library to the head and sets up the two JS listeners to check when the internet connection goes away and comes back. In this case, I'm using a simple variable change. You could easily setup a listener trigger on your master slide to show a layer when the internet connection goes away and hide it when it comes back.

It's self contained within the story.

Bobbi Bailey


This is absolutely fabulous!  I was able to set the javascript and web object up on the master slide and it functions beautifully in SL1.  However, when I take that same story, and open it in SL2, something breaks.  Can you take a look and see how we can get this to work in SL2?

I'm attaching both my SL1 story and the SL2 story.


Steve Flowers

Hi Bobbi - 

This is a pretty easy fix. Looks like when updating from SL1 to SL2, SL2 assigned new unique ID's to the web object. If you go into the JavaScript trigger and change the oLocation declaration from 6Lb1CN0LE4s to 6bhWhAzEpgN it should work great.

Didn't realize updating from SL1 to SL2 would arbitrarily shift GUIDs. Good to know.



Bobbi Bailey


Here's an update...

The SL2 online_offline.story file I created earlier was working quite nicely (due to your sleuth detective skills!) and I saved it as a template for future projects.

However, because I want to use this cool tool in a project I've already got under development, I couldn't use the template.  So, obviously, I copied the web object and JS into this project.  When doing so, it seems that SL2 once again assigned a new unique ID to the web object.

Fortunately, now that I know how to look for this and find it, I was able to easily change the JS oLocation in my project to match the new file structure... so no big issue.

It just looks like we will need to remember that (apparently) when copying vs using a .story that already works, a new unique ID will be assigned and you will have to change the JS oLocation accordingly.



David Jones

I'm trying to implement this offline online detection method, however when testing on scorm cloud its not working (it does however work on my personal LMS).  Scorm cloud tech support explained it has to do with the unsecure http url: that is sourced in the online.js file.

Does anyone know of a method that makes use of an https url version for use on an LMS (such as scorm cloud) that requires this additional security measure?


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