Invalid answer drag and drop exercise

Apr 28, 2021

Hello ! 

I am developing a Drag and Drop Exercise with one correct answer. When I click on the submit button without completing the drag and drop I have the pop-up "Invalid answer" with the text: "You must complete the question before submitting". And this is what I want, but if I move a little one of the answer without dropping it in the drop target, the Drag and Drop interaction is submitted when I click on the submit button even if I dropped none of the answers in the dropped target. How can I make the "Invalid answer" pop-up appears when the user moved an answer without dropping it in the dropped target?

Thanks a lot!

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Clémence!

Great question! The invalid answer layer can't be triggered, so I'd recommend creating your own invalid answer layer. This way, you'll have more control over when this layer will appear. 

I know we have many community members who have achieved this with their own course! I hope they'll stop by and share any design tips.