"Invalid Answer" popup : Accessibility Issue

Feb 04, 2021


The "Invalid Answer" popup has multiple accessibility issues. Few are listed below:

1. The content of the Invalid popup is read multiple times

2. Luminosity ratio of "Ok" button is less than 4:5:1

3. Focus moves out from the 'Invalid Answer' popup without closing it.

4. The popup should get closed by pressing 'Esc' key 

Please check



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Lauren Connelly

Hello Shraddha!

Great questions! I've tested this using NVDA and Chrome, and here are my findings. 

  • The Invalid Answer is announced multiple times. Three, to be exact. The first time is to alert the learner that a window appeared called Invalid Answer. The second is the name of the window. And the last "Invalid Answer" is the title.
  • The "OK" button for the Invalid Answer pop up doesn't meet the 3:1 contrast ratio. This is a bug that's already been logged with our team.
  • The Focus Rectangle moves to the "OK" button in the Invalid Answer when NVDA announces the button and when tabbing to the button. 
  • The Invalid Answer popup requires the user to acknowledge to tab to the "OK" button to dismiss the window. If our team decides to include the option to use the "ESC" key to close the window, I'll share in this discussion.

I appreciate you sharing your findings as well!