Invalid layer problem

Jan 19, 2017

I'm following the excellent instructions in the screenr here to prevent the invalid answer layer from appearing - but it's still appearing.

I can't see what's wrong. Can anyone help?

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Walt Hamilton

This one is a little tricky. I think the screenr was made in SL1, and probably worked then. What is happening is that the first trigger always shows the invalid layer, then the second trigger shows the appropriate layer, but none of them are set to hide other layers.

The problem is the first trigger:

In SL2, when they are used in conditions, almost all of the built-in states report themselves as Normal. The way around this is to change the condition to read "is not equal to Selected", instead of "is equal to Normal".

Try this trigger and see if it works.





Wesley Adams

Thanks Walt for this. I tried your solution but no avail. Seems like something weird is causing the issue on my end. Not sure what happened, but I have 15 questions setup the same way to use a custom invalid layer. Now for some reason 1 question shows both the default invalid layer and custom invalid layer I made.

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