Invoking Slide Master Layer From Child Slide

Nov 05, 2012

Hi Group

I'm looking for some inspiration.

If I was to have some layers on a slide master, is there a way to invoke (hide/show) those slide master layers from triggers on a page that uses that slide master? I.e. NOT form an object/trigger on the slide master.

Thanks for any ideas on this.


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Meryem M

I've been playing with this today.  Variables are your friend.  They can carry secret messages from the slides to the master slides.

  1. Set a trigger on your regular slide to set Variable = "TRUE" when some condition is met.  Or use whatever variable you want.
  2. On the Master, set a trigger to show NewMasterLayer if Variable = "TRUE"   or...
  3. On the Master, set a trigger to change state of (object on the Master) to State if Variable = "TRUE."
Peter Brown

Thanks for the lead, Meryem.

I had thought of setting a variable flag but wasn't sure what trigger would intercpt it down on the slide master, e.g. if there was a 'variable changed' trigger or similar would be ideal (that automatically fired when a variable changed), but otherwise something would have to happen down on the slide master layer to make it check the variable and take appropriate action.

Sadly I won't be able to get to my copy of Storyline for a day or two to check, but thanks for the lead.


Peter Brown

Oh, yay. I've just seen on a thread that there IS a 'variable changed' event, so the variable flag approach should work beautifully.

That will open a world of possibilities. Can't wait to get back to play now.

Putting smarts on the slide master is just such a good way to cut down on duplication of effort.

Thanks again for the nudge.


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