iPad Mobile Player Library "By" and "About" and "Version" Info

When you download a Storyline course to your iPad so it is in the AMP Library and tap the course, a window appears from which you can start the course. The top half of the window is a thumbnail of the first screen of the course and you tap it to launch the course.

At the bottom left of this window it says "By: [FirstName] [LastName]"

Where do you specify what appears after "By:" ?

At the bottom right it says "About [X] minutes"

Where is that total X set or how is it calculated?

At the bottom right it says: "Version (September 2014)"

Is that the version of the player or the course?

If it is the version of the course, where can I set that?

Sorry, I searched around in Storyline and I can't figure out where to set the "By:" author. Please point me to documentation about these things.


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