iPad play button & SL 360

Nov 19, 2016


anyone found a way to hide the huge Play button (and preferably preloader) when playing course on iPad browser (not interested in Articulate mobile player).




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Ali Goulet

Hi Sebastjan,

Thanks for reaching out here! There isn't a supported way to remove that play button screen when launching mobile Storyline 360 content but you're more than welcome to share your thoughts with our Product Development team here regarding this. 

I'm not sure if other users have been able to come up with a way to remove it, but if so perhaps someone in the community will be able to pop in with a solution that suits your needs. :)

sebastjan f

removing the Play button is important to me as I am using SL to make modules (single exercises) that are later integrated via i-frame into web page. And seeing Play button over and over again is not a desired option. btw.  I am not using background audio or video on start, so there is really no need for play button.

Crystal Horn

Hey Sebastjan!  Thanks for giving us a deeper understanding of why that's important for you.  I can see what you're saying.  You make a good case for a feature request, so I hope you were able to lodge one.

This discussion addresses removing that Play button for an older version of Storyline, so it's worth a shot with your Storyline 360 output.  We can't support modifying the published output, so reaching out in that discussion or to those community members would be your best bet for troubleshooting those ideas!

Thanks again!

(edited for your name, sorry about that!) :)

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