HTML5 landing page- modify or remove? (urgent)

Aug 19, 2013


I know this question has been asked before (here), but no resolution seems to have been reached.

I am deploying a simple quiz to learners and the screen is optimized for a mobile phone. However, when launched on an iOS device, I get that pesky landing page that requires a user to tap 'play' to get started.

1. Can I either remove this page OR is there a script that automatically bypasses this screen and starts the quiz? OR

2. Can I modify this screen somehow so the Play button is visible in portrait mode? Right now user has to either double tap or turn to landscape mode to see the play button. Not ideal.

I could use some help ASAP. Thanks in advance!

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Russell Still

Hi, Ashley. Dave's question does not pertain to the Mobile Player. And although HTML5 requires a click to start, rather than clicking on the Articulate launch page, we need to the option to make that initial click on our own page. A click is a click.

Steve has shown how to do this by tweaking one of the .js files, but a "Show Launch Page" button during the publish phase would be a heck of a lot cleaner way to handle this.

Dave Halvorson

Ashley, I just submitted a feature request. I understand the need for a 'start' page, but it would be ideal if that start page were customizable at the very least. I'd love to be able to ONLY show the title of the lesson with a 'click to start' button... that would prevent confusion, especially for lessons or quizzes optimized for phones or other (non-tablet) mobile devices.

Electron Karthick

Hiding this launch screen on the iOS requires some code changes on javascript file. I have explained this on my post:

The same solution suggested in some other posts on this forum as well.

You will have to be aware of 2 things:

1) You are modifying the output code to facilitate this. This means you will have to make this change (or) replace the modified storyline_compiled.js everytime you publish the content

2) If your content has any audio/video which auto plays on the very first slide then this is best to be avoided

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