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Nov 09, 2012

I am exporting a module that will also be used on iPad. It works fine on a desktop, but I am seeing some weird things on viewing it on iPad, and was wondering if anyone has encountered (an hopefully resolved) some of these issues. The module will need to be run live off the companies server, and since it links to other webpages, will not be played in the articulate app.

1. I have the NOTES and RESOURCES tab on the left. On the desktop, the title of the Notes page and the links inside the Resources pages are grey (the color I set them to). On the ipad, all the NOTES titles and the links in RESOURCES are coming out white.

2. Can you edit the design of the Lightbox pop-up screen? The close button (X) appears VERY small on iPad, and the clickable area seems very reduced.

3. It seems that the voice-over for a lot of slides are taking time to start. The Progress bar, however continues to move whether of not the audio is playing. Then, at the end, the audio is cut off. Is there a way to either bind the two, make the screen buffer before playing, or make the sound continue even if the progress bar ends? This is a VERY important issue to resolve.

4. The menu bar. I know that you cannot increase the font size, which hopefully will be resolved soon. My concern is that some sections are not auto-expanding on the iPad even when you click next and go to the next slide. It becomes impossible then to navigate inside these sections. Has anyone else seen this?

5.  I have a series of interactive exercises. On these pages, I have hidden the seekbar since there is no audio playing and it will not auto-advance. Once the user answers the free form quiz questions, though, the seek bar starts to show. Is there some setting for this, or way to hide it again?

Any help to these questions would be very appreciated. Thanks

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Peter Anderson

Thanks, Chris. As you may know, running Storyline content in HTML5 will produce some inherent limitations, which are more a symptom of an immature HTML5 rather than anything on Storyline's end. Also, if you haven't already seen it, you can read about what to be able to expect in terms of functionality in HTML5 by using this comparison matrix. 

With that being said, a few of those issues you're concerned about do sound unexpected, so we'd be happy to take a closer look at it. Please submit a case, including your .story file, using this link so our support team can assist you further.



jyothi sita

Hi Peter,

We have developed a iPad compatible course and uploaded it on our ftp server to test it on iPad.

When we checking the course on iPad then it is taking a default template regardless of our customized course template. Even we are not able to see Resources, Glossary and Exit buttons because of default template it seems.

Is there any way to display the course with our customized template?

Will appreciate your response and help!



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