iPad resolution issue

Jul 25, 2013


We are having an issue exporting to iPad. The Storyline project looks fine when the screen recording are inserted as video on single slide but when added as step-by-step slides the quality looks really poor on iPad. We have tried exporting from a couple of PCs and tried different screen resolutions on both the PC and within Storyline itself.

The quality looks fine on a normal web browser but not within the Articulate app for iPad or HTML 5 on iPad.

Would anyone have a fix for this?

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Toby Gilchrist

Hi Ashley

Thanks for looking into this. I've attached a Storyline test file for you to look at. I've been trying lots of different resolutions on the PC and in the Storyline project with no luck. It seems fine fullscreen and as a video on single slide but any other mode the resolution suffers.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Toby,

Thanks for sending along your file. I tested it on my iPad mini in the Articulate Mobile Player where the resolution suffered, but it was a bit better when I tested it using the HTML5 output alone. At this point, I think it would be best for you to submit a Support case. Please include a link to this forum thread, and what version of the iPad you're using to test as some have different resolution capabilities.

Once you submit the Support case, let me know the case # so I can follow along!

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