is Articulate Storyline responsive to various device resolutions

Jun 24, 2013


New to Articulate Storyline...

Can AS rescale to fit a given device? In other words does AS have responsive design capabilities?



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Michael Hinze

Storyline's player properties allows you to determine how content is scaled to different browser sizes.

However, 'responsive design' involves a lot more than scaling content to a device's screen size. With true reposnive design, HTML content would be automatically rearranged and reflows, depending on screen size and orientation. For example, a webpage viewed on a mobile device may 'reflow' (rearrange) content to be displayed in one long column, while on a larger desktop screen the page would be displayed in its intended layout. That is not something that's currently supported in Storyline.

J Cheng

We'd love to hear your thoughts on Responsive Web Design.  Please discuss here:

J Cheng said:


I have a few questions around Responsive Design:

  • How do you and your viewers expect "responsive web design" to work?
  • What use cases do you envision?
  • Would filling full screen on a tablet or phone with a collapsable menu (aka hamburger) for the player menu work or are you envisioning something like this:  
  • If the latter, what would the course author workflow look like on a fixed stage in a desktop tool?



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