Is it possible to change the state of a "group"?

Jan 20, 2016

I have seven images with text on them. I combined the images and text into a group. I want learners to click on each of the 7 groups and read the layer associated with that group, before he or she can advance to the next slide.

My thoughts are to change the state of the group to "selected" when the group is clicked on. Once all the groups are "selected" the "next" and "previous" slide buttons become functional.

I can see the groups in the triggers panel, but I cannot seem to change the state of the group. It's not an option. I see lists of images and text, but I renamed the pix and txt to be more descriptive. Those descriptive names do not appear.

Help! I'm against a deadline.  Tks

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Jackson Hamner

You cannot add states to groups.

You can add all the elements to one state though, that way the items appear together and you can adjust the states for them. Simply copy the elements you want grouped together, edit the base object's state and paste all of the other elements into that state. You will need to paste the elements to every other state you want them in as well.

Ive attached an example

David Jordan

I have come across this problem before and could not find a way to change states of a group. I did find a sort of work around though.

attached is a .Story with the workaround


lets say you have 3 shapes on the slide, a circle, a square, and a star. You want to group them and when a user clicks the group, change its state to "visited". 

we know that doesnt work so,

place the star on the screen, go into the state editor for that star, create a new state "Custom State 1"

while editing this new state, insert your circle and square. 

now duplicate (its important to duplicate not add new) this state "custom state 2"

change the circle, square, and star to look how you want it to look when visited.

done editing states

add trigger, change state of star to custom state 1 when timeline starts.

add trigger, change state of star to custom state 2 when user clicks star.


basically, you are creating a "group" within the states. and then just skipping the normal state at startup. do not reuse the default state names like "visited" "hidden" etc. for w/e reason ive come across some weird issues if i try to use them in my custom states. the attached .Story follows the above example. 

Steven Benassi

Hi Maren!

Thanks for reaching out!

I see that there have been some helpful workarounds provided earlier in the discussion, but I just wanted to pop in and share this resource that goes into a little more detail about editing the states of individual objects within a group.:

Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any more questions!