Is it possible to have multiple transitions on the same slide?

Mar 26, 2019

I am creating kind of game in storyline 360 where travelers travel on a map (by boat or go ashore on an Island on the next page etc.)

Each slide is a part of this map.

To travel from one slide to the next one I use the push transition, works fine and gives a nice view. However, because the travelers can travel in all directions, sometimes the slide must come up from left, other times from bottom or top or right.

Is it possible to have more transitions for the same slide and use a variable or state or something and select the correct transition with a trigger?

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Dick,

Whereas, technically, I don't believe that you can have more than one transition for any given slide, there is a way that you can achieve the same appearance using variables and layers.

In the attached example, I have set up five slides, which you can regard as your various locations. From slide 1 you can head south to slide 2 and from here you can head north, south, east or west, to slides 1, 3, 4 or 5. The only route from each of the other slides is back to slide 2, but there is sufficient in the Storyline file to demonstrate the technique.

Where there is only one option, the content of the slide is all on the base layer, but where there is more than one option, the base layer is empty and there is a separate layer for each travel direction. These layers all look the same, however their entrance animations are different. The layer that is shown is determined by which slide was last visited and this is captured in the LastSlide variable when the direction arrow is selected on the previous slide.

For the sake of completeness, I have included all the triggers in slide 2 to set the LastSlide variable even although, on this occasion, there is only one way to get to each of the other slides. It's just there as a reminder that when you create a much larger map, you need to always update the LastSlide variable each time you move.

Hope this helps.

Jay Hunt

Might be too late for this question, but here is a way to do a turn-in-room interaction.

Uses four slides (one for each direction), with each having transition layers. The transition layers consist of the background images of each, grouped together with a line motion path. Once the new layer's animation completes, it jumps to the new slide seamlessly.