two slide transitions on one slide

Sep 22, 2022

Hello everybody!

For my new project in Storyline i want to trigger the "continiue" button with a slide transition that imitates scrolling down like in Rise. For the "back" button the transition should move in the other direction. The slide transition is the same, only the direction is different. Is it possible to trigger buttons like this? Is it possible to have to different transitions on one slide? 

Thank you in advance, KR

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Craig Linton

Hi, you could apply a transition like 'Push' then select the 'Effect Options' and apply different animations, like 'From the top' or 'From the bottom' to match that scroll-up or scroll-down animation, but as far as I'm aware you can only apply one transition per slide.

What you can do though, is apply a 'Push' transition with 'From the bottom' to the next slide, so that when the user clicks the next button, they see that scroll-down animation, but rather than it occurring on the current slide, it happens on the next slide. Then for the opposite effect with the 'Back' button, create a copy of the previous slide and apply a 'Push' transition but 'From the top' so that the learner will see a Scroll-up animation. 

This does mean that you'll need copies of certain slides when you want that 'go back' animation, which can be a pain depending on how you've got the course setup, but this will allow you to have that scroll up and scroll down effect that you want.