Is it possible to have one audio file play across layers with a hotspot trigger in Storyline 3?

Aug 01, 2019


I have one audio file that i want to play continuously across two layers - the base layer and a layer. The base layer is set up so objects appear on a timeline, and when it ends i have the user click a hotspot that triggers the layer. I want the audio to continue playing. I tried removing "Pause timeline on base layer", but that did nothing. 

I think the issue is that I have a trigger "Show layer when user clicks" on the base layer. I have an example where two layers share the same audio file and it works. The only difference is there is no trigger on that slide. 

What do i have to do to keep the audio playing on the second layer? I see there are audio triggers, just not sure how to use them across layers to continue playing one audio file. 

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David Schwartz

Hi Dierdre,

Wanted to get some clarification here. Is the audio playing on the base layer because it is in the timeline, or is it triggered by something? 

I use SL360, so not 100% sure that SL3 is working exactly the same, but I am able to get audio on the base layer to play either automatically from the timeline or via a button click, and it remains playing while a layer is viewed. I left the Pause timeline on base layer unchecked in the layer properties. No trigger is on the layer other than to hide the layer when the button is clicked.


Deirdre Sherman

Yes, that's more or less what my slide is doing. The audio is the voice over and it's on the base layer timeline. But for some reason the audio stops as soon as i click the hotspot that triggers the 2nd layer. 

The slide that is working has two layers, but on that one the 2nd layer is triggered by the timeline ending - that's the only difference. 

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