Is it possible to let the user choose out of 2 projects?

Hello @all,

we do create many diffrent eLearning units but the last one we built was more accessible (full voiced).

But some of our users are complaining that that full voiced unit is giving the text to slow for them (cause they using it without sound).

So, we were thinking if there is a possiblity to offer both units (voiced with slow text and not voiced with shown text). Is there any possibilty to create such a unit? Our LMS doen't have such a feature.

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Matthew Bibby


The simplest ways would be to have a branching slide at the beginning of the course and allow users to choose if they want a voice over or not. All of the files (for both versions) would be in the same file.

Alternatively, you could make use of the accessibility features in Storyline so that people can use screen readers to navigate the course. So, add alt text to objects, set the tab order correctly and do your best to adhere to the accessibility standards in your country. In Australia, we use the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

For more info on accessibility, see Articulate Storyline and Section 508 Accessibility, Articulate Storyline and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and Articulate 360 Accessibility FAQs.

Another option is to use variables and conditional triggers to give the user the experience they want. So give users a choice regarding audio or not, store their preference in a variable called preference (or whatever) and then have conditional triggers on each slide that say "Play audio file when timeline starts if preference is audio". 

Does that make sense?

Nicole Schwab

Thanks for the quick response Matthew!

I considered to just use both units and let the user decide on the first slide, but we do use the menu on the right (for the user to navigate). I wasn't able to find a way to let the user choose on the first side AND let the menu on the right work with that decicion. If u know a trick, feel free to share your wisdom xD

But the second idea might work. But, am I able to set 2 diffrent text speeds (slow ith voice and fast without)?

Matthew Bibby

Not sure sorry Nicole, I rarely use the inbuilt menus. Maybe someone else knows a trick regarding this.

If using screen readers, people can change the speed of the audio to suit their preferences.

If using variables and conditional triggers to determine if the audio should be played or not, then yes, you could allow for 2 different speeds. You'd just add another option. So No Audio, Slow Audio or Fast Audio. Selection of these options sets a variable, which is then used to deliver the content. So, for example, if they select Slow Audio then audio file 1 will play, if they select Fast Audio, then audio file 2 will play etc.

However, you won't be able to change the speed at which objects appear on the slide, these will be the same regardless of which option has been selected.

If you want the timeline to behave differently for each option, you'd need to either create multiple versions of each slide (which will cause issues with your menu) or further complicate things by using layers (instead of slides) for each version.

So, for example, slide 1 would be blank with just some triggers that say "Open layer 1 if preference is set to No Audio", "Open layer 2 if preference set to Slow Audio", "Open layer 3 if preference set to Fast Audio". It'll quickly get confusing, but it could be done.