Is it possible to link to an attachment embedded in a Storyline output folder?

Jan 20, 2015

I have a course that will link to a few attachments. Rather than house the attachments at an external location, is it possible to include the file in the story_content folder and link to it using a relative URL?

 For the sake of discussion, say the document name is "discussion_guide.pdf".

 How would I structure the URL?

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Phil Mayor

this would link to the resources, if you don't want to use resources then


For better file management I will add it as a resource, and not show it on the player, then have a hidden slide/scence with one slide that has the resources tab enabled as a custom player option. This way the file is always attached in the external_files and I don't have to worry about moving it into place after publish.



Sarah Lindberg

This is exactly what I'm looking to do as I'm trying to not use the built-in player.

I tried it without the external files folder  and then again with a "hidden" slide that has the Resource option turned on. I am testing the published file on our Sharepoint and verify that the PDF is listed within the "external files" folder. But still no luck.

Am I missing something else?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sarah, 

This thread is a bit older, but I'd also be curious if you were able to test outside of Sharepoint, to see if that's blocking the file somehow? Are you seeing an error message or it's just opening a blank page? You may want to test it in one of the web server options mentioned here.  

If you're adding files to the published output folders, it's not something that I'd be able to offer support for, so you'll want to share a bit more information on how you've set this up so that the community can weigh in. 

Sarah Lindberg

Thank you for your reply Ashley. it turns out that our IT department has discovered a "bug" with how the files appear in the browser and SharePoint Designer. The 'external files' folder is visible when viewing files through Windows Explorer side of the SharePoint site, just not in the browser. They are unclear as to why I was receiving an error until I returned the next day to try again, but it seems to be working now. We just can't see the 'external files' folder in the browser window, we just trust that it's there.

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