Is it possible to publish a weblink of a course with xAPI statements

Aug 31, 2023

We'd like to collect xAPI data at the end of a Rise course and report it to our LRS. Since Rise doesn't have xAPI reporting, we've created a small Storyline file with the data we'd like to collect. I know that this "data catcher" won't work as an embedded interaction since that is powered by Review360 but I'm wondering if it's possible to publish a weblink of this data catcher containing xAPI statements so that we can link out to it from Rise? 

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Nadia, 

Happy to help!

Just to clarify, are you unable to use the built-in option to publish Rise 360 courses in xAPI format? 

If so, can you share more information on what you mean by Rise 360 not having xAPI reporting? For your reference, here's an article on how to implement xAPI to support Articulate content, which covers Rise 360 as well. 

To address your inquiry, one method that you can try is to publish your Storyline 360 course to xAPI, upload to an LMS, and then link to this uploaded course via a button block in Rise 360.

Looking forward to your response!