Is it possible to recover a video embed code?

May 13, 2014

I have 20 courses that are identical in structure but feature a different video.  The first 19 work just fine and I just embedded the video from where it is hosted in Viddler.

The 20th isn't working.  When I embed it shows up with a 'page not found' type error.  Between creating the 19th and the 20th story files Viddler seem to have upgraded their site so I'm assuming something has changed at that end.  Any videos I now embed from Viddler are coming up with the same error (but the previous ones I did are still working just fine).  Viddler seem to be having trouble identifying the cause of the problem.

I thought if I could compare the current embed code with one of the previous ones I could maybe see where the error was.  However, I can't see anyway to reveal the embed code for a video I have previously embedded into a course.  Does anyone know if this is possible?

Or have any other ideas what the problem might be?

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Miriam de Jonge

OK, in case anyone else comes across this thread and is looking for the answer.

To have a Viddler video play properly the embed code you need is the 'legacy' code.  From the embed code page you need to choose the 'special embed' tab and go the dropdown box and choose 'legacy'.

Legacy used to be the default code but they now use an iframe code which is apparently superior and more compatible, but just didn't work for me in my situation.

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