Is the logic of this custom interaction illogical?

May 10, 2022

I'm stumped on the logic of this Storyline 360 interactive. It was working as intended until I tried to add Hints. Now the original logic of the actions doesn't jive either. 

What I'm trying to do should be fairly simple: 

1) Learner clicks a stack of books that reveals book details (qualitative research type)
2) Learner clicks the corresponding research type that correctly matches book details. 
3) Open book "gets shelved" by moving and disappearing onto the correct shelf labeled by research type. 
4) Feedback is given by the changing expression: "Thinking" = not correct; "Happy" or "Cheering" = correct. 

In addition, I would like the Hint layer to be displayed if the Learner clicks on an incorrect label, reminding them of the definition of the research type clicked.

You'll see that I turned off the Hints, because Roscoe doesn't change states to Happy or Cheering when the correct button is clicked. 

The correct matches should be: 

Narrative Study (Chan, 2010)

Phenomenological Study (Anderson & Spencer, 2002)

Grounded Theory Study (Harley Et Al., 2009)

Ethnographic Study (Mac An Ghaill And Haywood, 2015)

Case Study (Frelin, 2015)

Please help turn this stinker of a thinker into an interactive wonder. 

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Michael! 

In the attached file, I started a slide with a different approach. For example, it has separate books to click to "open" each example, and those would move onto the slide after the previous book is taken care of. I also switched to a text variable for tracking. (Counting seems like it should be okay, but it easily gets to the high value if I just kept clicking the stack.) Also, I created separate hint buttons for each "shelf," to simplify that process. 

However, I don't have time to add the oh-so-many triggers needed to make everything work whether the user answers correctly or incorrectly. As is, the first book will work if you answer correctly. So, if you want to proceed with my ideas, I hope there's enough there for you to add the needed triggers.

Alternately, consider a simple drag-and-drop for dragging books into the proper bin for shelving later.  :-) 

BTW, I also added a slide that has what I think it a better way to show the open books.

  • You used a PNG of a book with text (for which the text is un-editable, and for which some have the squiggly red line indicating a spelling error).
  • Instead, I suggest you use a rectangle that's filled with a picture of an open book. That allows for editable text. 

Good luck. I hope you end up with a STELLAR project. 

Michael UST-Wilder

Well thanks Hero Judy!  I'm learning there are myriads of ways to tackle these kinds of interactions. I like your idea of a separate slide. I was trying to accomplish the same thing all on one slide, but that's when it got messy. 

I'll take a look to see if I can continue your good ideas and let you know how it turns out. 

Thanks again!

Judy Nollet

Hi again, Michael,

The extra slide I added was just to have space to demo the filled-with-a-picture rectangle. 

Otherwise, I was trying to get your interaction all on one slide. But, yeah, separating it into multiple slides is another way to go. Nothing wrong with aiming for simpler development. 

Best wishes.