Is there a way to change the default slide duration in Storyline 2?

In upgrading projects to Storyline 2, I've discovered (like so many others ahead of me!) that the slide duration (restricted) determines when the Next button is actually active. Is there a way to change the default or underlying slide duration for (a) upgraded .story files and (b) new projects? I tried decreasing duration to 1 second in the master and layout slides, but this doesn't affect the actual duration in the project slides. The only working solutions I've found so far is the tedious one of shortening the timeline on each and every slide on each project I upgrade. Borrrrinnnng and time-consuming. There must be a better way.

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Steve Flowers

I'm not aware of a great way to shorten timelines globally but there is a shortcut key that can help with shortening longer timelines. Let's say your timeline is 1 minute and you want it to be shorter than 20 seconds. While dragging the end point of the timeline, hit the left arrow key. This will cause the timeline to contract to a much shorter time.