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Jul 14, 2019

Hello everybody! I'm pretty new to Storyline 360. I am working on existing projects and trying to fix and change some modules made by others. 

In all modules, each slide duration is approximately 3-min(!) I want to shorten it to 30-sec per slide. Is there a way to this simultaneously on all of the slides, or is it only manually one slide at the time?


Thanks :)


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Jerry Beaucaire

The edits are slide by slide, but the real goal is to know why you're doing it.   If the goal is to get the slides to progress on their own faster, you can do that without fiddling with the timeline length.

You can add a trigger that sets the slide to "Jump to Next" when timeline reaches cue point X.   DO that on one slide, set a cue point where you want the auto-jump to occur, then add the trigger.  Now copy that trigger.

Go to the next slide, set the cue, then paste the trigger.   This should go much faster than futzing with a time length that is that long.   My 2-cents.

If the goal is something else...?

Galit Hazanov

Thank you Jerry!

The goal is actually quite different, we want to shorten the timeline so the user won't think that there is more to come.

I still want the user to click on "next" on his own to move to the next slide. The issue is only with having a long timeline that might suggest that there is more content to come, when there isn't.

Jerry Beaucaire


I presume you utilize progress bars and such, so yeah, I see what you mean.  

The tip Galit pointed to is the way to go, it's still slide by slide, but just grab the right edge of the time line, then tap the left arrow and it should jump you all the way to the left where the end of the real content exists.

It's a must-know feature for everyone, IMO.


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