What is the fastest way to adjust a timeline duration?

What is the fastest way to adjust a timeline duration? 

Suggest a better way if you have it. Thanks!

This may seem easy to some but I'm putting this out there in case in pros have a faster way.  Have you ever had a super long time line way longer then was needed because you hacked a scene in aims to repurpose for a new project?

This is how I do it. 


Learn more about Timelines here on Heros.


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Ryan DeWitt

Thank you for the feedback ladies! It works. This matter seems take a combination of tips to address given that certain "not to end"  tracks can prohibit the total timeline shortening. 

For me using the left arrow  has a serious pause before it  moves it over, I'll mention that possibility, but very very helpful and I'll adjust the video.  

Jack Bennett

This is a great trick - will save me lots of frustrated dragging. I had to add an additional step as the videos on my timeline had also extended out. I put a c marker when the video had officially finished and then placed an object at that point for 1 sec duration then left arrowed key worked like a dream :-)