Is there a way to combine Motion Path & Zoom or Fade

Sep 29, 2014

Hello All,

Let me start by saying the Zoom Region effect will not work for what I'm trying to do.

That being said, this is what I want to accomplish.  I have an image of a form that is filled out by hand.  I want to grey out the form w/ the exception of 1 part of the form.  I want that one part to to highlight, then zoom to a larger image in the middle of the screen.

The way I have it right now is have 2 images, 1 of the full form, 1 of the section I want to zoom in on.

I show the form, then grey out the form using a simple grey box w/ transparency, at the same time fading in the section of the form I want to zoom in on.  This give me the effect of a grayed out form, with the one section highlighted.  I then use a motion path to bring that section to the middle of the screen, I then fade it out, at the same time fading in a larger image of that section.

The effect is ok - but Id like to be able to just have it zoom from the one part of the form, to the center of the screen.

I know I can do it by just creating a new state and have it trigger on the timeline and go from small to big, but the effect Im looking for is the actual zoom (the growing of it).

On that same note, is it possible to combine a motion path w/ a fade effect?  Id like to be able to move something from x to y and have it fade out along that move.  Right now it seems that it has to complete the move from x to y, then fade.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.



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