Is there a way to force a user to view all of the layers before advancing to the next slide?

Jul 19, 2018

I have a set of tabs on one screen that display glossary definitions when clicked. The definitions are on separate layers. Currently, the user doesn't have to view any of the items before clicking Next. Is there a way to force the user to view all the layers (or glossary items, if I need to set it up differently) before moving to the next screen? Are there variables that can be set and compared to a list of variables representing all the layers? The information is pretty important, so I'd like them to view it. I don't want to have them clicking Next to get from layer/slide to layer/slide.  Thanks.

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David Schwartz

Here's one way to do it. Slide 2 has the layers. When the learner clicks to view a layer, that layer's variable is set to 1. At the start of each layer's timeline, the summing variable is set to the value of the first layer's variable, and then the other layers' variables are added to it. 

In the base layer, there is a trigger that sets the Next button to a normal state when the summing variable changes, and if that variable is at least 3 (there are three layers). 

There might be more efficient ways to do this, and this one is complicated by the fact that you can click on any layer from the others, but it is working.

Steve Hazelton

I like to do this with True/False variables, one for each layer. I disable the Next button, then I set a trigger to change the layer's variable when the timeline starts on the layer. I then set a variable on each layer to change the state of the Next button to Normal once all layer variables have changed (you can copy and paste the trigger to save time). I have a screen shot attached of one I am working on right now.

The advantage to this approach is that they can visit layers more than once without messing up a sum count. 

I actually do this more often with scenes than slide layers, with one branch slide going out to each scene. If you do that, just put the variable change triggers on the last slide of each scene and create a trigger aimed to go on past the branch scenes once all branches are visited. Create another trigger to take you back to the branch option slide when the Next button is clicked (no variable conditions are needed as long as this trigger is below the first trigger). If you want to see this, let me know and I will do a quick mock-up.

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