Is there a way to get typographer's quotes in Storyline?

The articulate base font seems not to have them. I can search and replace with the character from a different font, but this produces odd results (like deleting part of a word after the apostrophe, for example, or putting a box around the character). I can insert symbols, which is a pain--same issue for m-dashes--but the color is always black, regardless of the color of the text around it..


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Margaret, 

Are you using the method here for the em dash? It suggests using the Tahoma font. There is also some discussion in this thread about using the subtraction symbol.  I haven't seen a method to get the quotes you're looking for, but I believe the Articulate font only supports the straight quotes. You're welcome to submit a feature request for additional quotes within the font. 

Margaret Morse


Yes, the m-dash method is what I've been using, as well as the typographer's quotes that way, too. To anyone who comes from a print background, primes rather than smart quotes look unpolished (they're making me crazy), and it's a real pain to replace them and the m-dashes (I've given up on n-dashes). Also, I don't see the way to globally change the font for the notes to something other than Articulate. I really want Tahoma for the project I'm working on, and to be able to adjust the font size. I'm using the notes pane for captions for narration as well as for acknowledgment for media and for information sources. At the moment, I've been going pane by pane to change the font. The ones I missed that were still Articulate were the ones where replacing the prime with a smart apostrophe deleted the end of the word. Very aggravating.

I will submit a feature request. I don't know what Microsoft does to make "smart quotes" the default, but if you-all could do it, too, it would be nice.

Thanks for your answer!


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Margaret,

To change the font across all your slides, you'll want to update the theme fonts.  If you've also included information in the Notes section,   here is a tutorial on how to format the notes within Storyline and a link to this thread where Becky suggests a way to work with the notes formatting to ensure consistency, as it's something that is on our radar. 

Lauren Connelly

Hello Mike!

Happy to help! How are you importing the quiz from NotePad to Storyline? Are you copy/paste the question text from NotePad and pasting the text in Storyline?

I've tested this on my end and didn't see the same characters in place of the apostrophes. Here's my testing.

Would you mind providing a Peek of what you're seeing?