Is There a Way to Highlight Text?

Hello Heroes community,

I am looking for a solution to a very specific problem.  I am presenting learners with an email example in a course, and want them to be able to highlight certain areas that are problematic.  However, I don't want to only make the problematic text highlightable/clickable because then that gives away the answer.  

Is there a feature or way I can present text and let learners highlight any/all relevant/problematic parts?

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Tracy Parish

You could perhaps set up some drag and drops and allow them to place "shapes" or "pins" over the parts you want highlighted.  My example I've highlighted the problem in yellow just so you can see where the pins should go.

Instructions:  Drag red pin 1 to the beginning of the problem text, and drag red pin 2 to the end of problem text.

Blue to 2nd problem

Green to 3rd.

I can think of some reasons this might not solve your problem, but it might help you with new ideas.