Is there a way to Import a SEN simulation in either Rise 360 or Storyline 360

Mar 05, 2024

Hi all, 

My organisation is switching from SAP Enable Now (SEN) to Articulate 360. Is there a way to:

  • completely migrate the SAP enable now courses to either Rise or Storyline?


  • import simulations created in SEN to either Rise or Storyline?

Attached is a screenshot of the publishing output you can generate from SEN.

Unfortunately, the scorm folder structure is not even good and organised like Articulate generates. 

Hope to get some help here.

Thanks in advance,


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Math Notermans

Both Rise and Storyline are authoring tools. Thus a published Scorm output you cannot import into either of them to edit. You can add the output ( Scorm or HTML ) into a WebObject and add that to either Rise or Storyline. Ofcourse you will not have options to edit it then.

For that you need to recreate the content and simulation in an authoring tool.