Is there a way to make a button appear after 6 grouped objects have been clicked?

Aug 05, 2019

I have a scenario based training and the learner has to click on each of the 6 grouped objects first and go through each scenario... then I would like for the CONCLUSION button to appear when they have finished all 6 scenarios.  After each scenario is complete, they always come back to the main roadmap to select the next one.  After all 6 are complete in any order, is there a way to make the button appear?  

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jeanette

because grouped objects can't have states I would add six shapes offstage.

When a grouped object is clicked change the state of the offstage shape to visited - continue that for all six grouped objects. 

Set a trigger: Change state of button to normal when timelines starts on condition that state of all the offstage objects are visited.

When the user returns to the roadmap for the last time that trigger will fire and the button should display.  

You could also use variables.


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