Is there a way to trigger "reset to initial state" and not have it always set in the slide layer's properties?

Jul 19, 2019

I have a quiz where in the users can revisit the questions at any point in time during the quiz.

When they submit their answer for a question, feedback layer is shown. I have set the slide property to "Resume saved state" so that the user can see the feedback of the already attempted questions (when they are revisiting any of the previously non-attempted questions).

Now the problem starts -  I want the users to retake the quiz. I have a "Retake Quiz" button on the results slide that resets the result, but the question slides are not reset (since the revisiting option is  "resume saved state").

Is there a work around for this?

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Jerry Beaucaire

Once we started using the RETRY MISSED QUESTIONS capability that came into SL360 this year, we have been drifting away from using the REVIEW layer.  Reviewing questions you answered correctly simply felt like a waste of the learner's time.

Now we just have the RETRY MISSED QUESTIONS button at the end and most just do that until they get all the questions correct.

Better use of quiz layers is to maybe add a HINT layer, IMO.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Alisha! 

What triggers are attached to the Retry button? You should see a "Reset results" trigger, as well as a "Jump to the first question slide" trigger. Do you see those two?

Also, be sure your feedback layers have a "hide layer when the user clicks the continue button" trigger on them. This will ensure that the feedback is hidden when the learner retries the quiz. 

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