Is there any equation editor?

I am working on a course that involves mathematical equations and fractions. Is there a simple and less time-consuming way to enter fractions? I have to currently insert three text boxes for numerator, denominator and the dividing line. I saw a discussion around this in the community that is posted around 6 yrs back and I am hoping that there is a way out now. Kindly suggest.

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Alphonso Hendricks

Rachna. You right. Its been six long years already. Check back in another four years. 

I do all my work for a science community and you can only imagine the pain. I've shifted to iBooks Author as my main blended learning materials development platform. Its free. LaTex is a breeze. And allows me to drop and drag in widgets, especially from Geogebra.

But still keeping an eye on Storyline development from the corner of my eye.