Is there any equation editor?

Aug 01, 2019

I am working on a course that involves mathematical equations and fractions. Is there a simple and less time-consuming way to enter fractions? I have to currently insert three text boxes for numerator, denominator and the dividing line. I saw a discussion around this in the community that is posted around 6 yrs back and I am hoping that there is a way out now. Kindly suggest.

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Alexus Maschinot

Please add my vote as well for the inclusion of an equation editor in Rise and Storyline. As an Instructional Designer at Purdue University, the majority of our online course developments are technical STEM-related courses. We desperately need access to this tool for our course development if we are to continue our business using Articulate 360 products. Our courses must be fully accessible and the workarounds are not sufficient or acceptable.  We have fought so hard to get access to Articulate; I would hate for Purdue to have to discontinue our team license because of this. 

Steven Benassi

Hi Alexus!

Thanks for reaching out and sharing the feedback! It sounds like support for mathematical equations would benefit you and your team when developing e-learning courses! I've included your voice in the feature report and will update this discussion if it makes it onto our Feature Roadmap!

Have a great rest of your week!