Is there any way to pull in a Storyline 2 file / interaction into Articulate '13 / PPT?

Aug 25, 2015


We're creating an eLearning course in Articulate '13 (with Engage and Quizmaker). I was wondering if it's possible to create a small Storyline 2 interaction / file and pull it in (ideally embed it) into our existing PPT / Articulate '13 course? I appreciate the assistance.



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Andrea Kellie

Hi Ashley,

This is great! I was able to successfully create a Storyline interaction, save it as a web object, embed it into PPT and published to LMS. It shows up (yay!) and quality looks good.

*However, there are scroll bars and I can't see the whole interaction at once without scrolling. Do embedded web objects automatically apply scroll bars? Or, could I prevent the scroll bars by making the Storyline file smaller? It's currently 650 pixels wide.

Really appreciate your help and time,


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