Is there anyway to copy and paste from the "Note" section?

Jan 24, 2023


I wonder if there is anyway to copy text from the built-in Notes section in Articulate Storyline and paste it anywhere? Any idea?

Thank you

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Tom Kuhlmann

If you want the student to copy text, you could create a lightbox slide and add that to the player tab as a notes tab.

Inside the lightbox slide, add a layer for each slide and inside the layer create a local index.html.

Here's an example. You'll notice that the notes change based on slide number. And that the user can copy the text. The page is html so it can contain anything.

Jürgen Schoenemeyer

append the css

#transcript-content {
user-select: text;

as last block in the body of story.html

Important: with every publish, these inserted lines are removed and you have to insert again

Update: If you use "Publish to LMS" you have to patch index_lms.html

Tom Kuhlmann

The Javascript approach above is probably more efficient in the long term. I attached the story file. You'll notice that I created a layer in the lightbox slide for each slide and then used variables to track which slide and which notes layer to show.

You'll need to know:

  • how to create an index.html for the notes
  • how to insert a local webobject
  • how to use variables

I recommend going through some of the training webinars to become more familiar with Storyline.