Is there anyway to sort slides by number order?

Jan 16, 2019


I am trying to print an elearning module from articulate by exporting it to word. However i have noticed that whoever created this module before me has not put the slides in order on Storyline 3 so everytime i go to print it is printing it in the order of the numbers.

For example it will print slide 1.1 and then print 1.25.

Is there anyway to change the slide numbers? or just print the whole module via the order of what it is in on story view?




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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Yusuf,

It sounds like the original author of this course used triggers like, "Jump to slide 1.25" instead of, "Jump to next slide." 

This causes the slides to change order in Story View without the slide numbers changing. 

When publishing to Word, the slides will display in numerical order, contrary to what you see in Story View. It sounds like you need a feature that will allow you to publish in Story View order. I'll let our team know about your request, and thanks for reaching out to us!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Yusuf,

If you make changes to your menu and then decide that you want to reset the menu back to its original state, click Reset from story below the menu.

Resetting the menu does the following:

  • Scene/slide titles revert back to the way they appear in your project.
  • Indent levels will be removed.
  • New titles that have been added will be removed.
  • Original scenes/slides that have been deleted will be restored.

I think this is just the click you're looking for :)

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