Publish to word - Slides occur in # order not the order they occur

Feb 17, 2014

Hello, new to storyline. Just completed first project and went to print it to word and discovered it only prints in the numbered order storyline assigned  (1.1, 1.2) vs. the number the slides actually occur. Being used to PPT, I duplicated slides and moved them around by branching.

Example, I duplicated slide 1.21 and ended up moving it to occur as the 4th slide in the project. When I publish to word, it shows as slide 1.22.

How can I print to show the order the slides occur? Can I remove those 1.1, 1.2 numbers completely or rename them? I tried right clicking on slide and renaming but the 1.1,1.2 number stays.

Thanks for help in advance.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christina and welcome to Heroes!

You can reorder or rename them within the Menu as Gregory mentioned, and further information on that is described here.  (Gregory - there is info in that tutorial on how to delete items from the menu) Although it should be noted that rearranging your menu items does not change the slide's trigger behavior or the viewing order of the slides themselves; it only changes the sequence in which items are listed in the menu.

There was a similar question here, where Stanton offered a nice explanation of how it works, and then you'll also want to view the video by David Anderson on how slides are numbered. 

Andrew Ferguson

It seems to me that to make the print-to-Word function usable, the slides should layout in the order in which the designer intended the user to navigate through them, not the Storyline assigned numbers. It is a great deal of work to move slides around in Word to match the navigation order.

Has any further developments in this regard occurred since this post was originally published?

Phil Mayor

It would be difficult to create a document that would please everyone, slide branching would further complicate this.

The best practice is to ensure you build slides and scenes in chronological order especially if you know you will use the printout. Using the next and previous triggers rather than specific slide navigation should help to keep the slides in order and then be able to print in order.

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