Issue Adding Video Content to Storyline - Time Sensitive

Aug 14, 2013

Our company has an agreement with the Copyright Clearance Center for the use of motion picture content.  Within their site, they provide instruction for trimming clips downloaded from iTunes and embedding this content into PowerPoint.  I have followed these instructions, successfully trimming an iTunes clip and saving the clip as its own .mov file.

When I try to import this clip into Storyline (or Presenter, for that matter), the software doesn't recognize the new clip that I've created.  I have the same issues trying to import this clip into Sony Vegas for use as well.  After talking with an Apple representative, it was determined that the newly trimmed/created file still contains Digial Rights Management.

Two questions:

FOR ARTICULATE STAFF: Is my issue with the software the fact that the clip is still DRM-enabled?  Will Storyline/Presenter play DRM-enabled files? Is there a codec or other solution that will allow these files to play legally?

FOR ARTICULATE COMMUNITY: What solutions have you found for legally utilizing movie clips in computer-based training?  Where do you get your content?  What process do you go through to add this content to your presentations?

I need responses sooner rather than later as we are in talks with the Copyright Clearance Center concerning this issue.

Thanks in advance for your assistance, everyone!

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Jonathan, it looks like this clip can only be played via your iTunes account.  I downloaded it and tried encoding it to a different format but it does not work. Just says you need to use iTunes to play it. I  tried to open the .mov file with iTunes but it is asking for the password to your specific iTunes account. 

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