Issue when revisiting a question slide by clicking previous slide after clicking submit.

Aug 07, 2023

Hi, I'm having an issue with the submit button and revisiting a slide that has a question.

I have a project that has multiple single select and a couple multi select questions. 

When I click the previous button to revisit the slide I have the slide properties set to "Resume saved state" but the selected correct response is not in the selected state after returning to the slide (it is in the normal state). 

I believe it is tied to the submit interaction itself because if I click next rather than submit and then previous the resume state is still showing the responses selected state.

Thank you.

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John Morgan

Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out! I understand that the questions in your course aren't holding their resumed state even though you have "Resume saved state" chosen in your slide properties. I'd love to know more about your setup so we can figure this out together.

I’ve attached a Story file that I created in Storyline 360. The slides keep their saved state when after revisiting. Do you mind opening it into Storyline 360 on your end to see if you notice the same behavior?

Also, would you be willing to share your file here or with our support engineers privately in a support case so we can troubleshoot the issue?

I look forward to your response!

Michael Russell

Hi John, 

Thanks for your suggestions. I was working on it from a shared folder and when i moved it to my local machine it still was not quite working as I would like. I ended up changing all the selection slides to reset to initial state and published but ideally, I would want to get the resumed save state figured out if possible.

I did download the attached file you shared. The project we created is slightly different because we removed the feedback pop-ups and use audio responses for correct or incorrect selections.

I created a small story of 3 selection options. One is a multi-select (the correct answer is all check boxes selected) the other two have a single correct answer. I will submit for a support case.

Thank you!