Issue with audio on lightbox slide

May 11, 2022


I have a pair of lightboxed slides with audio. The audio button has toggle capabilities to play and stop audio on the slide. This button is set up to be toggled by clicking and by pressing a key Ctrl + X on the keyboard. This is applicable for all slides in the storyline project in addition to the lightboxed slides.

Now the issue I am facing is the following. When I click the button for the lightboxed slides and click the audio button everything works fine. However, when I use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + X) the audio plays in the lightbox and in the background slide.

I have searched and searched. I really need help fixing this. For some reason it worked when I had only one slide. As soon as I added a second slide to the lightbox this became an issue. I have reviewed before and after this change and I am not sure why this is happening. I have updated storyline to the most recent version.

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